Unconventional bristol wedding photographer takes photos of people up for it

Hacker knows how to work you, the light and whatever the British weather throws at him to shoot wedding photos that give Mario Testino a run for his money.

This unconventional Bristol wedding photographer uses 20 years of experience along with a controversial joke or two to make even the most uncomfortable people have a good time shooting their wedding photos – your fun gland won’t know what’s hit it.

Together you’ll make sweet wedding photos, all of which you get to keep after Hacker’s worked his magic on each and every image plus access to an online gallery and print ordering area. He can also re-touch the shots so if your partner has more Chins than the Chinese phone book or Mount Vesuvius has erupted on your face that morning, no-one will ever know. And, the photos won’t stay stuck on your computer for the next 18 months because Hacker throws in a stack of complimentary prints – nice!

Here are the best shots of the last year which include Hacker dodging the furious mother-in-law, avoiding having his camera smashed out of his hands, and when he shot gays in the face.

But the best way to find out if he is the unconventional Bristol wedding photographer for you and you can stand each other for more than a couple of hours is to meet up – here’s how.

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