I’ve never been a photographer who goes along with the crowd.

My approach is to get more out of your alternative wedding pictures than you can ever realise while making even the most uncomfortable people have a good time shooting their wedding photos.

Whether this is sourcing locations or pushing a couple out of their comfort zone to get a more dramatic approach, your wedding photographs will capture the energy of the day and give you images that are different, edgy and exciting.

This will be your one time to create images to show your grandkids and splash all over social media so we'll capture a contemporary, alternative, colourful and dynamic story which won't blend in with everyone else.

You’re looking for an alternative wedding photographer you get along with, who’ll instantly know how to capture you looking your best.

As a successful commercial photographer for more than 20 years working with number one musicians, design agencies, magazines and big brands I know exactly how to make you look like superstars.

Working together and discussing what you really want to have out of your images is important to me.

I’m confident to say if you are a like-minded couple and you like my work we will make some amazing images together.

Fill up your fun gland and let's smash it out of the park…

Take a look at Hacker’s commercial photography.